James Chopping’s  patented products that dog breeders RAVE about

Invented by James. Manufactured in the USA by My Breeder Supply

Heated Whelping System Kit

No more squashed puppies, cold puppies or overheated Moms!

This revolutionary system can be attached to any dog crate and solves four huge problems:

1. Squashed puppies.

Mother dog can accidentally squash her puppies as she moves around.

2. Heat lamps and heating pads suck!

They create an environment that is too hot for Mom, and she hates it! That is why many mothers are constantly moving around and potentially squashing a baby. Or don’t want to be in the crate and look after their pups. You then have to stay up all night feeding them for her.

3. Milk aspiration.

Puppies kept separate from mother and allowed to feed every few hours get thirsty and rush to drink milk causing milk to flow out of their noses. This can cause milk aspiration which then develops in to pneumonia and death.

4. Breaking the Mother-baby bond.

Mothers within hours of birth, bond with babies. If you separate babies from mother, you are breaking that bond.  Mother may not care for her babies. Be rough with them. Ignore or even bite them!

This unique whelping system helps avoid these four common problems.

The heated whelp kit is designed to fit a wire cage you already have or buy. The sticky backed heat tape is simply installed on the underneath of the crate’s plastic tray in minutes. It is installed on the perimeter of the tray. Now the area directly under the pig rail is nice and warm and the temperature regulated by the supplied thermostat.

There is no heat in the center, so Mom never gets too hot, she is comfortable. She is content close to her babies.

The babies get warmth from mum while nursing. When full they will move around to find a warm place. They will find that under the Pig rail and stay safe sleeping there until they want more milk. Puppies feed when thirsty, Mothers milk supply is not loading up, puppies aren’t desperate to feed, and it significantly reduces the chance of milk aspiration.

Now mothers love being in the crate! They bond with their pups and do all the work of feeding and caring for them so you don’t have to.  And 95% of the time babies are under the Pig rail warm and safe.  You don’t have to constantly intervene. Mum and babies are happy. You get your life back.

Once you use our whelping system you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

You can order at

You will need the size of your crate to order the correct size heat tape. It does come with the thermostat. We suggest you also purchase the optional pig rail adapters. They come as a set of four. You will need a 10ft stick of 1 1/2” PVC pipe. Costs about $8 at Lowe’s, Home-depot or local hardware store. They will probably cut it into 4 lengths for you.

We manufacture versions with correct adapters for the USA (120v) and overseas (240v).  

Recommended crate sizes:

42×28 for mothers that are 15-25lbs

48×30 for larger dogs

Buy a robust crate. The very cheapest have thin metal that can deform. Crate  brands I know are well built: Amazon basics, Paws & Pals, Midwest crate

 Customer Rave Reviews:

“I bought one of these and it worked like magic. Thanks again James.”

“As a current owner I can say we are thrilled with our system. We ended up with a single litter. And are currently going thru a cold snap where the high today is -8. Not once in the 7 days since our pup has been born has he been cold. Mom is thrilled to go in the kennel and care for him and has never been hot! We’re first time breeders but I’m glad we spent the money and bought the best system!!!!”

“Awesome idea!!!!”


“We purchased the heating system for our DuraWhelp whelping box and it’s great !!! Puppies love the heat and it’s adjustable. We needed it shipped out faster due to a litter dropping, he called me right back after I left a message and set it up. Great people to do business with !!! Love to see people doing honest business and being good people !! 5 stars all day !!!!”


“Hands down best system if you don’t believe me try it! – Enrique”


“Love this James. My first litter and this system worked perfectly”

“Purchased your whelping system and incubator for my English Bulldog who will be having her c section any day now. The whelping system was very easy to set up. Thank you James!”


“Works so good!!”


“Amazing simple but effective”

” I’ve purchased your heat system for my Dura Whelp box and it is working beautifully. The heat is just right around the perimeter. I also purchased your incubator for transportation and while mom is outside taking care of her business.  The items that we purchased from you and on your recommendation will help us have the most successful litter possible. Many thanks!”

“I have a 5 week old litter and I used your heating system and it worked perfectly. I also bought your puppy kit and I used several items from it. Highly recommend both.”

“Great product. I have use this and the incubator”

Let Mom do all the work. Get your life back!

Comes with One Year Warranty. 

$211 to $244 for standard sizes


The only temperature controlled semen shipping container on the market!

None of the other semen shipping containers control semen temperature during shipping! They just have ice-packs and a thermal barrier and so the temperature is not kept constant at all! But what if shipping is delayed, or takes over 2 days?  Freezing semen dies, warm semen is not viable.  A constant temperature is vital!


At last, here is Shipmate with the complete solution! It is an electronic shipping container that continuously monitors and adjusts the temperature inside the flask. It’s advanced technology includes a microprocessor, temperature sensor, memory and heater that work together so that semen can be safety transported for up to 10 days!


With thousands of consecutive successful semen shipments, Shipmate is revolutionizing semen shipping methods and making breeding a breeze!


Shipmate is re-usable:

When we use ShipMate ourselves, we include a prepaid return shipping label.

And we include a document to let customers know we have included a return label. And we don’t sign off with AKC litter registration until the flask has been returned.

 Customer Rave Reviews:

“Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant! Why aren’t all breeders using this ? Zoos need this too. What a difference it would make in the breeding programs of endangered animals!”


“I swear by shipmate!!!!!”

“Only way to ship semen is by using shipmate!!!!! My semen came to my vet in great shape even thought fedex delayed it by one day. The other dog at the vets semen came in (Dalmatian) and it was dead”


“Just bought several today!!! Don’t ever want no shipment going out and arriving not viable! Thank you.”


“We used this 1 time so far and it worked. This was the first time I had shipped semen. James walked me thought the how to’s and we appreciated that. It’s worth it’s weight in gold. Thank You for your invention and for sharing it with us and others.”


“Hi! I have been using your shipmate flask within the uk and love it.”




“I just got off the telephone with James. He was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. His products are very well designed and most of all…THEY WORK!!!”

ShipMate is reusable
Comes with a one year warrenty

ShipMate: $158 (1 ShipMate Flask)

ShipMate AI Kit:  $211 (1 ShipMate Flask PLUS Polar Tech 209C Thermo Chill Insulated Carton, 6 Chill Gel Ice Packs, 2 Syringes, 4  AI Rods, and 10 Whirl-Pak Collections Bags)

Puppy Incubator

Save money on C-sections: Plug it into your car and travel to an area with lower vet costs!

Plug into a wall socket at home or into the cigarette lighter of your car: This is the ONLY puppy incubator on the market that runs on 12-110-220 volts, so that it can work in both places! It’s lightweight, compact, and much safer! It will not dry puppies out like other incubators that suck moisture out of the air. There are no moving parts that might fail. There are no lightbulbs, no fans, and nothing to break or harm pups.  The inside is an easy to clean smooth surface with no openings to trap poop and you can even use bleach! These are major differences from the other incubators on the market.


You will be able to:

  • Save money on C-sections: Costs vary widely, depending on what area you are in. Travel 1 to 2 hours to a great vet with lower costs and save $500 to $2000! It’s so portable and compact you can carry it  into the op room and  put the newborns straight into it so they are warm and safe on the way home. 
  • Stop puppies catching infections at the vet: There are sick animals at the vet! Every visit carries a risk that your pups will catch infections from them. Lower the risk by isolating pups in the incubator during vet visits.
  • Move it easily around the house: It’s so light and portable you can put it by your bedside at night and move it with you during your day.
  • Save sick pups: Ailing newborns must have a safe, warm, isolated place in which to recover, without that you have no hope of saving them.

Incubators come with car adapter and power supply to use at home.   It works on 110v. 240v. Or a 12 volt car outlet.


Two sizes available. The smaller one is very portable. It can be carried one handed like a large bag. I’ve had ten newborns in it. Recommended for breeds up to 40lb.


The larger unit takes two hands to move. Still portable but more if a handful.  It has three times the floor area of the smaller unit. Recommended for 40lb+ dogs.

 Customer Rave Reviews:

” Purchased the large incubator for my English Bulldogs. Excellent product! Kept our 8 puppies plenty warm for our hour long drive home after moms C Section. Highly recommend this!!”

“I ordered the large incubator. I breed both English and French Bulldogs. I’m very excited to receive it!! I believe This is a brilliant design! Thank you James!!”



“We love our incubator I highly recommend this we still bought the bigger one though I have AKC and Russian Bloodlines Chihuahuas little bit different in sizes. I will be buying the smaller one as well. Products ship fast and perfect quality. I will have puppies coming in early November just in time for Thanksgiving.”

Comes with One Year Warranty. 
Available in 2 sizes: Large $334, Small $317